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(*Note that these instructions are also included in the source tarball*)

Installation Instructions for eMuDIS system
Last Modified on 5/14/03 by mwcmpbll

A note to start on:

As there is still a lot of work to do with making the system more portable,
most of the installation procedure is still sketchy and needs to be filled out.
If you need help with installation, send Matt Campbell
(matt.campbell@illinilife.org) e-mail.


You must have installed and configured the following supporting software before beginning.

1. An HTTP server with php support (we will assume apache with mod_php)
2. PostgreSQL Version 7.3.2 or later with pl/pgsql support

Installation Instructions

1. create a user and group named emudis

This user should be given permissions to access the emudis database in postgres
and to be the user the php is executed under. This will help keep the system
secure. You will probably want to alias emudis's mail so that it doesn't get

2. create the emudis database in postgres

use eMuDIS_TableDef.txt to create the emudis database in postgres. You will
also need to create an emudis user in postgres. The user that executed the php
needs to be able to access the emudis database as the emudis user in postgres.

3. get the website working

Copy the html directory to the location of your choice and configure apache to
use it. Verify that you can access your installation from the web. We
recommend keeping it protected until you complete installation and setup.

4. login and create first user accounts

the email of the bootstrap system administrator is emudis@localhost and the
password is emudis. This can be seen at the bottom of the eMuDIS_TableDef.txt
file. You can log in as this user to create an actual system administrator
account. See the user docs for how to do this. After you have done, we
recommend deactivating this user for security purposes.